About I-X-Herculean

Project in detail (pdf)

I-X-HERCULEAN is a staged concert for four performers: two dancers, a cellist and a percussionist. The piece centres on field recordings captured in six European cities.

How does Europe sound?
Could you identify a country by its sound? Is there something we could call an auditive identity in a street in Amsterdam or Rome?
What about a train station in Budapest? And how does it sound in Berlin?
What are non-European citizens saying about Europe in Porto? And in Tallinn?

I-X-HERCULEAN is a project about the the sonorous aspect of the difference. About Europe. About music and movement. About music and staging. About choreography and space.

We are convinced that the traditional concert situation ignores an important dimension that itself comprehends. The fact that the musicians enter the stage to play is already a theatrical aspect of performance. We recreate the concert situation making the performers play and sing their parts being conscious about the theatrical and choreographical dimension of a music concert.